RG Integration

The project "Integration through Active Rehabilitation" was launched on April 1st 2019.

This integration project is funded by Allmänna Arvsfonden and has a project plan of three years. The target group consists of people over 15 with spinal cord or similar injuries who have recently arrived in Sweden as migrants.

Project goals

When these migrants arrive in Sweden today, they often have no information about their own spinal cord injuries, nor about their rights and options for adequate care. This often results in passivity and lack of integration in the society. This project aims at presenting these persons possibilities to live an independent and active life, where they may see themselves as part of the Swedish society.

The main goal for the target group is to develop their physical abilities and overcome mental obstacles by practicing the Active Rehabilitation method, and thereby integrate better in the society. The project has the following goals:

  • Developing ways of identifying the target group and follow up individual progress within the group.
  • Spreading information within the target group and their relatives as well as among professionals who have contacts with the target group.
  • Raising the information level for employees at Migrationsverket as well as employees and volonteers at RG Aktiv Rehabilitering (RG), thereby giving them proper tools to help and assist the target group in the best possible way.
  • Adjusting RG:s way of working in order to include the target group individuals when the project is finished.

Project plan

In the first year we plan to hold four workshops with the target group and their relatives, aiming at getting knowledge and experience to use when preparing the courses in Integration oriented Active Rehabilitation that will be held during year 2. We will create a web site with content relevant to the target group, and we will also establish contact with external organizations. Suitable methods for following up the target group and handling of new contacts within the target group will be identified, tested and evaluated.

During project year 2 courses in Active Rehabilitation will be held, and we will hold further workshops with the target group to continue developing the range of courses. We will also co-operate with external organizations to find out ways to prevent passivity and isolation in the target group, and then integrate these findings in RG:s method/way of working.

In year 3 workshops and courses will continue. We will fine-tune the method and routine for following up the target group, and implement this way of working with the target group in RG:s regular operations. We also plan to permanently include the co-operation with selected external organizations into RG:s ways of working.

Project group

Members of the project group are:

  • Elin Goude-Öhgren – project manager
  • Tina Toller – course coordinator
  • Maila Lauronen – training coordinator
  • Revan Hana – target group coordinator

Contact details for the project members can be found here »

Interested in volonteering?

The project group will need help from role models, personal assistants for courses, and translators. Are you interested in contributing to the work with workshops and courses, or perhaps in participating in working groups 3-4 times a year? Contact the project manager Elin Goude Öhgren (elin.goude-ohgren@rgaktivrehab.se or +46 736 499 655).

Read more on the project website »