Current international projects


During fall 2018 a new two-year long project in Belarus started. The goal is to strengthen the possibility for the organization RAWU to support children and adolescents with spinal cord injuries and similar disabilities in Belarus, so they will have the same opportunities for education, work and democratic rights as children and adolescents without disabilities.

To achieve this goal, we must implement the following tasks:

  • We will create a first contact system for working with children in wheelchairs, their relatives and working with staff of rehabilitation institutions.
  • We will improve the level of knowledge and competence of the leaders of RAWU who will work with the target group.
  • RAWU as an organization needs to become stronger and must get new methods, knowledge and digital equipment.
  • We need to raise the level and interest of specialists of government organizations and officials.

Future international projects

In the future we hope to launch projects in Serbia, Kazakhstan and South Korea.